New Phone – TMobile MDA

I got a new phone last weekend, to replace the vastly underfeatured Nokia 6010 that I’ve been using up to now.  I’ve been waiting for the right device to come out for a while, and up until now I’ve been tempted by several but sold on none.  However, the TMobile MDA just sold me.  It has a hide-away thumbboard without too many moving parts to break or snap, and has enough integration with the applications I use most to be useful to me.  I took Travis with me to check it out before buying.  He has a pocket PC style device that he’s used for a while, and I can always trust him to be an honest judge of gadgetry.  I’ve spent about a week setting up various features, integration with Outlook, hotmail, gmail, etc… as well as configuring (think uninstalling) most of the “value add” applications that TMobile stuffed on there.  I’m getting used to the right-click menu paradigm of holding the stylus down on the screen for a couple of seconds, and the interface is beginning to make sense.  I can tell that this isn’t the first iteration of the Windows Mobile operating system software, but there are clearly still a few rough edges to be smoothed out, especially where consistency is concerned.  On the whole though, I’m happily wearing my thumbs into early carpal tunnel and messaging up a storm with everyone around me.  It’s cool factor is still high, for now, and it’s been a while since I had a new piece of gadgetry to show around to people.  I’ll give an update in a couple of months to provide a more weather-worn opinion of how it has fared over time.  I still haven’t played with the theming engine yet, and I’m still working out some of the features such as “email photo” or how to customize the contacts list to be most useful in various applications.  I’m sure I’ll figure all of that out in the coming weeks.

TMobile MDA

TMobile MDA

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