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Headed over to see Trav and Jenn for some pizza and board gaming.  It’s been a while since we’ve played parlor games together, and it was a really nice escape from a typical Friday night.  The pizza was from a new joint in town that claimed to be the best pizza you’ll ever have, or some similarly lofty assertion.  It was good pizza, and the sausage hunks on there were of appropriately hunky size.  It was a little greasy, requiring either a fork or an entire pack of napkins to consume adequately.  I wouldn’t say the “best” pizza ever, but I think a place dooms themself to that whenever they claim to be; it just becomes an obstinate challenge!

Gaming was a ton of fun, and we ended up sitting around and laughing about how certain eighties horror movie flicks look more laughable and terrible now than they ever did before.  Back then, they were just crap.  You watched them because in a more innocent time, they could be somewhat suspenseful.  There were a few good examples of the genre done right, usually independant or lower budget flicks that nobody else had heard of.  But in general, they were just a really good way to get rid of a few dollars on either a movie ticket or rental fee.

It was fun laughing about them and and we soon migrated to the more general topic of simply movies that we had grown up with.  Trav suggested that ET would have been infinetely better if at the end he’d used his fire finger to immolate the cops chasing him right before taking off; “war of the worlds” style.

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