May I introduce…

Class….class….could I have your attention for a second?

I’d like to introduce my girlfriend Tawny.  She’s a real sweetie and I’d like you all to extend her a big eHug!  Where to start?  She lives with her cat, Jasper, in East Portland (which makes for some fun cross-town drives) and is currently working to become an elementary school teacher.  She grew up in California and moved to Portland a couple of years ago to be in the city.  The picture below was taken in Laurelhurst park on a walk we enjoyed last Saturday.  I’d never been to Laurelhurst before and it served to remind me once again how Portland tucks away the most unexpected treasures in the most unexpected of places.  The lake (pond?) was unfortunately covered with a toxic algae so we didn’t get to feed the ducks, but it was a beautiful day and it was really nice to just walk, bask in the sun, and play on the swings together.

Tawny Seagoe

Jasper, a feisty orange male with huge front paws (and claws to match), will happily carve his name into your arm.  He’s also a sweetheart who loves to have his belly tickled.  I think inside he’s really a softy, he just likes to act like a badass.  I’ll post a picture of Jasper as soon as I get one scanned.  I do love the kitties!  Until then…

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