Jet Li – Fearless

I saw the movie Fearless with Jet Li last week.  It’s apparently his last epic feature, which I can only imagine means something similar to Cher’s first last tour.  The story is adapted from the life of Huo Yuan Jia, a famous fighter from Chinese history, and feels a lot like it was pulled from the Once upon a time in China series.  This is no bad thing as those were fantastic movies and something about that period of China’s history (late 1800’s, early 1900’s) is very compelling to learn about.  The action is easily on par with both Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Hero, never ceasing to top the last double-spinning ultimate death kick of the eagle with an even more awe-inspiring superior shadowless dragon punch of the much kicking your ass.  For those who dislike subtitled movies, you’re going to be disappointed because they did the right thing and kept the original Chinese soundtrack instead of dubbing.  I much prefer to read subtitles and hear the original cast deliver their dialog in their native tongue versus having a cartoon replacement voice comfortlessly destroy a scene.  If you enjoy action movies with much butt-kicking for goodness, plenty of kung-fu posturing, and a ton of style then I highly recommend shelling out the eight bucks for a pew and watching Jet Li in his first last epic.

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