Great summer not so great for the waistline

I have had an outstanding summer.  Thanks to Travis and Jenn, Tawny, my parents, Ellie, Peter, and recently Davida, I’ve had a lot of fun and have certainly started an up-turn in the trend for the year.  While not always smooth, it has certainly remained exciting throughout.  However, all this fun has taken its toll on the waistline.  In total I have 16 pounds to lose to return to my ideal weight.  Yuck!  I can’t be bitter though because I haven’t been to my yoga class for the better part of 4 months, I’ve been slacking on exercising at home, and the diet has been nothing short of indulgence for quite some time.  While indulgence is good, and indeed solves certain other problems, I’m thinking that after the fabulous weekend in Vegas I have coming up, it might be time start getting serious about shedding a few and getting the problem under control before it gets out of hand.  With Trav and Jenn’s wedding on the horizon, Halloween, and then Thanksgiving approaching, I’ll still be able to have plenty of chance to have fun, but it probably wouldn’t hurt to have something other than Papa Johns be the top number on speed-dial.  For now, here’s to good intentions!

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