Vegas Baby!

As best man in Travis and Jenn’s wedding, I decided to organize a bachelor party in Vegas.  The weekend for this party has finally come around and I’m totally stoked.  We fly out from Portland tomorrow (Friday) morning and get to spend the better part of the weekend just having fun.  Travis booked us tickets for Ka, Cirque du Soleil’s new show at the MGM grand.  Not only that, but he managed to get front-row center seats.  Yeah boyeee!  This is going to rock.  This will be my first ever visit to Vegas, so I’m a little green as to how things will work and what we’ll do.  Growing up in England where gambling is just legal everywhere, the novelty appeal of gambling in the casinos doesn’t draw me much.  I’d still love to see some of the casinos and hotels though as they sound fantastic, I’m just not as jazzed as most people seem to be about pumping nickels or gambling chips.  If we get to see the Star Trek experience, that would be cool, as would a trip to the Ferrari store I hear is down there.  I would love a Ferrari themed cap or t-shirt, especially something with either the new 599 GTB or linked to the Formula One team.  Jason and Adam (Jason hosts the Halloween party we’ve been to for the past few years, Adam provides entertainment) are joining us in Vegas for the celebration and it will be fun to hang out as a foursome to celebrate Trav’s last two weeks as a free man.  Above all, we’re going to relax and just have a really great time.  Watch for pictures on Monday.  Vegas Baby!  Yeah!

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