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Nice and Pink

Ahhh tis a great thing to have friends, especially those who understand your tastes even better than you do yourself..  Today, I was asked if I would like anything from REI as a couple of my friends from Nike were going … Continue reading

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Canon PowerShot A710 IS

I recently bought a new camera, the Canon PowerShot A710 IS, and after two weeks of ownership I can honestly say it is one of the best purchases I have ever made.  I love photography and take pictures nearly everywhere I … Continue reading

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The Little People

A few weeks ago, I attended my first World of Warcraft guild meeting for The Little People.  I was invited to join the folk of challenged stature in their quest to vanquish the evil Horde when I first began working at … Continue reading

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More baby pictures!

Thanks to my dad for sending me some more pictures of Ethan from his first couple of days.  My mum and dad (now Grandma and Grandad – yay!) were there with Ellie and Peter.  I’m glad for the pictures because they let … Continue reading

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Welcome Ethan!

Last Friday, Meaghan and I were standing in line at Taco Del Mar, absent-mindedly ordering a super burrito combo meal and a couple of tacos when my phone started to ring.  Looking down at the number I was about to ignore, I saw … Continue reading

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Vacation – Weekend away at the coast

First of all, I’d like to introduce someone very special to me.  I met Meaghan online a couple of months ago and ever since our first date in early October we’ve barely spent a moment apart.  She lives in Eugene, which has … Continue reading

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Not Strongbad for Halloween

It bugs me how your costume doesn’t have a not came from a $20 bag level of effort.  Yes, I did the unspeakable and went as bag ‘o costume man this year; officially an inmate/jailbird.  I was hoping to go as StrongBad … Continue reading

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Get the door…

I’m only a couple of weeks away from being an uncle and getting pretty excited about it.  When I received a phone call from my mum a few days ago indicating that my sister had been in hospital under supervision, I … Continue reading

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