Get the door…

I’m only a couple of weeks away from being an uncle and getting pretty excited about it.  When I received a phone call from my mum a few days ago indicating that my sister had been in hospital under supervision, I naturally became concerned.  My mum reassured me that nothing was wrong but, knowing a mother’s instinct to protect from bad news, I naturally remained a little on edge.  Later in the same conversation my mum began to tell me about a phone call they received on the way to the hospital that night.  Apparently my sister has called and requested that my parents “pick something up” for her on their way over.  Naturally, my mother and father assumed this meant a toothbrush, mp3 player, or fluffy toy to cuddle while she rested.  Nope!  In typically Ellie fashion she was requesting none other than the #1 doctor recommended Dominos Pizza!  LOL- good to know that she’s OK and still acting like her usual self.  “Dominos?  Sure.  You want a couple of beers with that?  Bonbons perhaps?”  I love my sister.  Ellie: You rock!

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