Welcome Ethan!

Last Friday, Meaghan and I were standing in line at Taco Del Mar, absent-mindedly ordering a super burrito combo meal and a couple of tacos when my phone started to ring.  Looking down at the number I was about to ignore, I saw the call was from my brother in law Peter.  As many of you know, Ellie and Peter announced that they were expecting their first child earlier this year.  Then a couple of weeks ago, I learned that they were very close as my sister’s food cravings had transitioned to smuggling Dominos Pizza into her hospital ward.  Answering the phone with anticipation, I said “Hi Peter, how are you?” in my very best “I can’t possibly guess what your news is” tone of voice.  Despite my monster intuition, hearing my (extremely tired sounding) sister announce that Ethan John Douglas Jarrett was born earlier that morning made me jump with joy inside.  I hugged Meaghan, indicated that black beans would be fine on my burrito and then congratulated my sister on being a mum.

This is the only picture I have of my new nephew right now, but I am assured that more are on the way as the chaos of caring for a new infant subsides.  Congratulations to Ellie and Peter for their first-born son, and congratulations to my mum and dad on becoming grandparents!  John Douglas was the name of my mum’s father, whom we lost earlier this year, and its great to see his name live on in my new nephew.  Now I just have to figure out when I can next cross the pond to see my new family member. 🙂  Better start looking into sorting out that passport!  Until then: Welcome Ethan! I’m glad you made it here safely.

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