Nice and Pink

Ahhh tis a great thing to have friends, especially those who understand your tastes even better than you do yourself..  Today, I was asked if I would like anything from REI as a couple of my friends from Nike were going there to use a 15% discount coupon that expired today..  I asked that they pick up a couple of Nalgenes, a 16oz and 32oz specifically in Purple..  However, as all good friends would, they realized through keen observation and intuition that my tastes lay elsewhere..  Thankfully, without any request or input from me they kindly corrected my request to the 12oz Toddler Grip-n-Gulp I’d always wanted..  With “Mini grips designed for little hands” and “Rubberized closure” that is “easy to drink from” and “spill-proof” how can I go wrong..  To top it all they realized that by purple I really meant PINK!.  How good it is to have friends such as these. 🙂  Thanks so much to Sarah Henley and Rich Peters for this wonderful gift!

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