Thanksgiving in Klamath Falls Part II: Thursday

After the excitement of the journey down from Portland, we were both pretty frazzled.  We had barely had the chance to get our bags through the door and meet the dogs (Sophie and Libby- pictured below) before having cheese, biscuits, and a glass of wine presented alongside a warm comfortable seat and a chance to relax.  It was exactly what we needed and was the nicest way to begin the weekend.  Meaghan’s parents were extremely welcoming and very soon the thoughts of the journey were replaced with excitement of the weekend to come.  We were, however, quite tired and so after brief introductions and a short but pleasant conversation, Meaghan and I headed to bed to get a good night’s sleep.

Here are Sophie and Libby respectively, showing that we had indeed arrived late and that it was certainly time for bed:

The following morning we arose to the sweet smell of freshly brewed mochas filling the air.  Greg (Meaghan’s dad) had already prepared a small breakfast as well as two large mugs of chocolately coffee goodness.  Sweet!  No sooner has the morning coffee and biscuits been consumed than we noticed that preparations were already well underway for the day ahead.  The dinner table was set, bustling was aplenty, and all manner of dishes were entering and leaving ovens.  Meaghan and I decided the best place for us to be was out of the way on a walk around the neighborhood.  Fortunately the weather had improved significantly now that we were no longer on the road, which made for a nice Thursday morning stroll.  There was still some snow on the ground and the wind was cold, but it presented a delightfully relaxing prelude to the day ahead.

We returned to find that people would soon be arriving so we disappeared to get changed into our dinner outfits and then found places where we could help out with last minute preparations.  Mandy (Meaghan’s sister) lit the candles, Meaghan arranged chocolate liqours, while I assisted with beer consumption by drinking and removing some of the excess bottles that were just cluttering the drinks tray. 🙂  Soon, it was starting to look like we were ready for a Thanksgiving dinner.

Meaghan and her family participate with the Klamath Chorale in an annual recital of Christmas carols on the eve of the day after Thanksgiving and had kindly extended to me an invitation to join them.  All of the people on the guest list were also part of the performance and soon the room was filled with partial recitals of favorite carols from the coming medley.  Conversations were both plentiful and enjoyable and I was soon feeling like a part of the group; although I realized I needed to brush up on my carolling a little.

Here, Chris (Mandy’s husband, Meaghan’s brother in law) was talking to Charles (caroller and local theatre seat sponsor) about the medical imaging course he is attending at the Oregon Institute of Technology.  Meanwhile, Greg was applying the finishing touches to the turkey.  Jenny (Meaghan’s mom) displayed an adeptness for camera avoidance and I realized upon review that she had managed to appear in none of my pictures.  I shall have to correct this at Christmas.

Soon we all sat down and enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner.  The turkey was superb and was served with a variety of fantastic sides and treats.  I overate and indulged myself to my heart’s content and after a couple of hours of dining bliss felt completely satisfied and happy.  Everyone was very warm and welcoming and I was feeling like a part of the group and not at all like I was just “Meaghan’s boyfriend”.  It was really nice to get the chance to meet everyone and to feel so included in everything that was happening.

Having eaten and partied on all manner of turkey, stuffing, desserts, wines, and chocolates, everyone was soon falling into the familiar post-Thanksgiving food coma and soon enough the evening wound to a close.  After most people had left, Meaghan and I sat and talked with Mandy, Chris, Greg, and Jenny before deciding to call it a night ourselves.  A very successful Thursday was had by all!  I’ll post more about Friday and some pictures from the journey home in a later post.

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