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New Kitty- Dougal!

As some of you know, these past couple of weeks have been quite eventful for Stu and me. We discovered about a week and a half ago that our beloved cat Peaches was suffering from kidney problems and needed to be … Continue reading

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Seattle – Vacation with Meaghan

As the first set of photos to share from those we have taken over the last few months, I’d like to begin with our trip to Seattle on the first weekend of February.  For the preceeding couple of weeks, I had … Continue reading

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I discovered today, way behind the blogosphere eight-ball, a site that provides online avatars:  A gravatar is a Globally Recognizable avatar, which means an 80×80 image is associated with an email address.  The gravatar service will serve images from its database … Continue reading

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Quantum Computing and Public Key Cryptography

I have just finished reading Decoding the Universe by Charles Seife, which tells a fascinating tale about the emergence of information theory over the past hundred years.  I have read many texts on classical physics, quantum theory, and the mathematics behind … Continue reading

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Welcome to the our new blog, hosted by SubText! Meaghan and I have decided to post to this blog together, which should increase posting frequency, but should also give two different perspectives on our experiences.  We are both new to … Continue reading

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Ambiguous Error Messages

Last night I came across an instance of poor software design that is all too common in modern applications, one that has troubled and annoyed me ever since I became involved with computers and software development. Worse than my ruffled … Continue reading

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Still Moving to SubText

The move to SubText is going well, although it’s been a busy week and I had to put the project on hold for a couple of days while we take care of our cat Peaches.  She’s not doing so well … Continue reading

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The ObjectDataSource Web Control

There exists a wide variety of ways in which data for a web page can be retrieved from a data store. One of the ways introduced in ASP.NET 2.0 involves using the ObjectDataSource control. This article discusses the ObjectDataSource control … Continue reading

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Overloaded Indexers cause Ambiguous Match

Developing custom web server controls can be a powerful way to provide opportunity for code re-use while retaining strong design-time support and Visual Studio integration.  This is especially useful when developing a solution that will be handed off to a maintenance … Continue reading

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Moving to SubText

I’m moving this blog over to SubText sometime either this week or next week.  I’ve been looking at doing this for quite a while now but hadn’t got behind the effort in earnest until earlier this week.  Meaghan and I have had … Continue reading

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