Moving to SubText

I’m moving this blog over to SubText sometime either this week or next week.  I’ve been looking at doing this for quite a while now but hadn’t got behind the effort in earnest until earlier this week.  Meaghan and I have had a tremendous amount of fun over the last three months and have many photos to show for it but I’m going to wait until the new blog is up and running before I post them.  A few attempts to automate an import of the old posts from this blog to the new installation have produced some interesting results but fairly riddled with artifacts concerning post order, mis-matched comments and some loss of post text.  I’m thinking right now that I’ll archive this blog off to a different url and let it run from there; leaving the option open to migrate the posts across later.  For now, I’ll just consider the SubText installation to be a new start and go from there.

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