New Kitty- Dougal!

As some of you know, these past couple of weeks have been quite eventful for Stu and me. We discovered about a week and a half ago that our beloved cat Peaches was suffering from kidney problems and needed to be put down (more on Peaches at a later date). We were both quite upset, but we decided what was best for Ebony (our other ancient cat, who had been best buds with Peaches) and for us was to go to our local Humane Society and adopt a new friend.

After looking at several kitties on the Humane Society’s website, we decided to go in and get a feel for some of the kitties in person. One two-year old cat in particular completely stole our hearts. His name at the Humane Society was Junior, and he immediately won us over with his gentle demeanor, curious nature, and affectionate kisses. We decided that we had to take him home.

Having never adopted an animal personally from the Humane Society before, neither Stu nor I were really sure how the process worked, but it went smoothly, and about an hour later, we carried “Junior” out the door with us. Now, neither one of us particularly liked the name “Junior”, so we decided on the car ride home to name our new friend Dougal. One of the features we like best about Dougal are his pronounced “eyebrows”, which seemed very much like Scottish eyebrows to me, flying mad all over his face. Hence, where part of the inspiration for the name “Dougal” came from.

Dougal has proven to be an excellent addition to our family. He is getting on quite well with Ebony, if there were a few hisses and swats at first. They like to play with each other, and though I don’t think Ebony will admit it, he likes having a “young whippersnapper” around. Dougal is quite energetic and is very curious about everything. He doesn’t quite understand the rules of the house yet (just last night he stole a perfectly good steak off a pan on the stove and dragged it down the hall to share with Ebony!), but we’re working on it. We love the youthful energy he brings to our home, and we look forward to many more years enjoying his company.

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