Seattle – Vacation with Meaghan

As the first set of photos to share from those we have taken over the last few months, I’d like to begin with our trip to Seattle on the first weekend of February.  For the preceeding couple of weeks, I had planned to surprise Meaghan with a visit to see Seattle as it was a place she had indicated to me that she was interested in visiting.  A few hours after I had returned home from work, I asked her if she was up for some adventure and if so then to pack a bag with a couple of days clothes and “don’t forget your toothbrush.” Soon we were loading a couple of pilot bags into the car and then began to head North on I5.  While it was already approaching 9:00pm, some might feel a little late to begin a drive, the roads were completely empty, which in terms of the drive to Seattle means saving about two hours in driving time.  I had booked a couple of nights at the Best Western at Pioneer Place and we pulled up outside the lobby a little after 11:30pm.  Two and a half hours to Seattle with a stop for food on the way isn’t bad going at all!  The room at the hotel was nice (I’ve never been disappointed by Best Western) and because of the time of year and a few other specials I was able to negotiate over the phone, we ended up only paying $89 a night; a price anyone who has stayed by the waterfront in Seattle can appreciate.

Having only a couple of days to see the sights, we wasted no time in heading straight to bed ready to get a good night’s sleep before the adventures of the day ahead.  The hotel breakfast began at 7:00am and we arrived early enough to catch them arranging the donut and pastry trays.  We were planning on grabbing a snack at Le Panier later that morning, but for now several croissants and other morning delights were consumed to give mucho walking energy.  We began by simply wandering the streets of downtown Seattle.  Before the stores are open the streets are empty, which can give a great opportunity to really figure out where you are before the bustle of the day begins.  I took this picture of Meaghan outside a shop that had two old army bikes in the window because they just looked so cool.  I think it might have been the Harley Davidson store, but I’m not entirely certain.

Our route [purposefully] caused us to arrive at the base of the Space Needle just as it was opening, which was great because there were no lines and when we got to the top we had the viewing tower almost exclusively to ourselves.  There were a handful of other people up there, but nothing like the usual crowds you see in summer that make it impossible to get a good picture.  Of course, we still had to pull the “hold the camera away and smile” technique, which takes quite a bit of the sheen off (and man I need to lose some weight!), but it was great fun to be up there and point out all of the places we’d been that morning.  We even called our parents to tell them where we were and surprise them. (The picture of Meaghan on the phone gives an idea of how many other people were in the Space Needle too.)

After the Space Needle, we headed over to the Paul Allen show…the Science Fiction Museum and Experience Music Project.  I’ve been to both of these several times before but like OMSI, there are so many things to see and read that I still don’t think I’ve really taken it all in.

We went by a glass-blowing studio and a garage full of restored classic cars, as well as the waterfront, and more parts of downtown Seattle than I’ve ever taken the time to explore before.  In tribute to the excellence of the meal I had there with my family this summer we ate at Ipanema that night, an experience I can highly recommend to anyone who finds themselves in Seattle looking for amazing food.  The restaurant is right across the street from the Seattle Art Museum, so walk down 1st street until you see hammering Sam, then simply cross the street.

Meaghan and I had a ton of fun together tootling around Seattle and we came away for less than $400, including the hotel cost and the price of tickets.  It was a really nice way to spend a weekend away and to start out the month of February.

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