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Stuart Thompson’s Recently Read Books – April & May 2007

A strange and quiet thing happened last year amongst the melee of distortion that filled my life.  Without realizing it, I had stopped reading…completely!  I’ve gone through times in my life before where I read more certain months and less others depending … Continue reading

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Nintendo Wii

Meaghs and I have been looking for a Nintendo Wii now for weeks.  We both had the original Game Boy growing up and loved to play what is arguably the greatest classic Mario game of all time: Super Mario Land 2: … Continue reading

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Effective Meetings and Reality vs Negativity

In a book that I’ve been reading recently, I came across the following sentence “Each time, I ask what the problem is, and we get to it immediately.  I like to keep a handle on all my [projects], and the problems … Continue reading

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Silver Falls with Brian and Ellen

On Saturday, Meaghan and I accompanied our friends Brian and Ellen on a hike around the Silver Falls state park.  The ten falls trail is one of my favorite hikes in Oregon and one that I have had fortune to walk … Continue reading

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Assertions – No Need for Rocket Ships

This article speaks briefly about refactoring and code structure, focusing on several stylistic thoughts that have crept up time and time again throughout my career as a software developer.  The art of software development has many facets, however many of the … Continue reading

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Live-in Handywoman

Meaghan rocks for many reasons, but not least of these is her ability to figure things out and get them done.  Capability is something I’ve come to respect and admire more and more in people and I’m so happy to be … Continue reading

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Double Dragon – Untouchable

One of my all-time favorite arcade games, Double Dragon, was released to the XBox Live Arcade recently.  I spent an inordinate amount of time in my youth playing the arcade version of Double Dragon.  This was mainly due to the fact that … Continue reading

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Focusing on Falsifiability

I recently came across a passage regarding the different ways of establishing belief for hypotheses and found myself thinking about an all too common area of missed opportunity in software quality assurance. It reads: “All swans are white- until you … Continue reading

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.NET CLR in SQL Server 2005

Of recent interest to me has been the ability to deploy user-defined managed functions, stored procedures, and other objects to SQL from within Visual Studio 2005. With the .NET CLR in SQL Server 2005, these managed functions can be written … Continue reading

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