Live-in Handywoman

Meaghan rocks for many reasons, but not least of these is her ability to figure things out and get them done.  Capability is something I’ve come to respect and admire more and more in people and I’m so happy to be with someone who has buckets of it.  A while ago, we purchased bedside cabinets to replace the stand-in folding tables that had been sufficing up to that point.  The cabinets came in the typical flat-pack, I think from Fred-Meyer.  Usually, I would be leery of having too many people help me put this sort of stuff together because the instructions are less than clear and the whole affair can turn into a bit of a farse.  No sooner that we were home, however, Meaghan set to it and, after ripping open the boxes and arranging the various pieces into piles, began digesting the instructions and pairing the pictures in the poorly-translated booklet with the myriad items now occupying our bedroom floor.  Impressed with her enthusiasm, I left her to it and returned not thirty minutes later to find the first cabinet almost fully assembled!  Meaghan was sitting in the middle of the floor with a smile on her face, happily finishing up the second of the three drawers.

Within another ten minutes the first cabinet was finished and I was smiling widely within myself, admiring her capability: No requests for help, no screwing things up, no getting annoyed at the first sign of problems.  It may seem like a small thing, but I really value the ability to just get on and do something.  We had arrived home a little late that evening, spending more time than we intended selecting the appropriate furniture.  Despite the speed at which the first item had been assembled, it was getting late and we decided to wait until the next evening to put together the second unit.  Meaghan, having built the first one, could show me how to help her assemble the second.  However, when I got home from work the next day, there was the second cabinet sitting next to her side of the bed, fully put together.  I was again impressed.  Not only had I borne witness to capability, but here was initiative to drive home the point.  Brilliance!

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