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Working in an interesting neighborhood

My latest software consultancy contract has me working in SouthEast Portland.  It’s a fairly industrial area and most of what there is to see is fairly functional.  I work close to a railway line, and just outside the parking lot is a … Continue reading

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Battle of the Bands Postponed

Ack!  I learned this morning that an event that was going to occur this weekend has been postponed.  Some friends of mine recently organized a battle of the bands event to coincide with the series finale of The Ultimate Fighter 5.  This wasn’t … Continue reading

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Return to Azeroth

After playing Warcraft for almost a year, it was time for a break.  Meaghan and I hung up our swords and cancelled our accounts.  Our original guild, which had consisted almost exclusively of friends from work had fragmented as people moved on … Continue reading

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SqlDependency – Creating a Smarter Cache

I recently got the chance to learn about a technology that has interested me for quite some time: SQL dependencies.  The premise of my encounter with SqlDependency was to create a smarter cache.  The project I’m currently working on was employing a … Continue reading

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Lunchtime Walks & DDR

My latest contract finds me working in SouthEast portland, which is conveniently located near Kavi where my friend Davida works.  We have been threatening to venture on lunchtime walks together for a couple of months, but the fact that I was … Continue reading

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Epic Waste of Time

Meaghs and I rented Epic Movie last night.  I generally enjoy spoof movies like Scary Movie, Not Another Teen Movie, as well as the less popular Hot Shots movies.  These types of movies aren’t for everyone, but I think you’d be hard-pushed … Continue reading

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NDoc Shadow Cache – UnauthorizedAccessException

I ran into an interesting issue yesterday while adding log4net to a project that was using NDoc as part of its build process. The project is using Team System for both source control and builds, and is using NDoc 2 … Continue reading

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