Return to Azeroth

After playing Warcraft for almost a year, it was time for a break.  Meaghan and I hung up our swords and cancelled our accounts.  Our original guild, which had consisted almost exclusively of friends from work had fragmented as people moved on and then finally after we were forced to move to a different server.  After losing several members who were both fun to go around with and friends we saw regularly, some of the fun seemed to die.  Also, the guild was struggling and so a big push emerged to get everyone going again but the side effect of that was that I was left feeling a little burned out.  However, after a few weeks off from playing our MMORPG, Meaghan and I became curious about The Lord of the Rings Online.

Curiosity of course led to near immediate purchase of the software and before long we were busily exploring familiar areas from Ered Luin to Thorin’s Gate.  A friend of ours from Warcraft who lives in San Francisco joined us in LOTRO to make a group of three and for the last few weeks we’ve been having a lot of fun together.  However, such experiences led to a hankering to once again return to Azeroth and so this weekend I reactivated our Warcraft accounts.  I played a little few hours this weekend and both Meaghan and I had a lot of fun going around our old haunts together.  The guild has changed slightly, but several old familiar friends are still there and it was good to talk to them again.

I woke up this morning at 6:15 when my alarm went off and after thirty minutes of Dance Dance Revolution, I headed upstairs to relax for a few minutes in Azeroth before jumping in the shower and starting the morning routine.  Warcraft is really good escapism for me, and its a great way to relax and clear my mind before starting a day.  This mist was low over Shattrath City this morning (the Warcraft world game clock is in real time, so it was dawn there too) and I grabbed a couple of screenshots to share before logging off and getting ready for work.  Then I headed to Zangermarash (with the structures that look like big mushrooms) for a couple more both with my DreadSteed (summoned demonic steed) and Thooghun (a summoned demon pet who acts as an awesome bodyguard).  Thooghun is an enslaved pet who does the brunt of the fighting for me in Azeroth.  Check out the Arcanite Reaper (huge axe) that he uses.  My DreadSteed took forever to get and cost an enormous amount of gold in getting all of the materials necessary to launch an assault on the netherrealms from which you may steal one, but he is worth every moment of it.  Walking around Azeroth sucks, whereas having a flaming armored steed really cuts down on travel time!

Vaelorna is my main character.  She’s a level 63 Human Warlock, demonology spec’d, with specializations in herbalism and alchemy.  Meaghan plays as Maedea, a level 41 Night Elf Rogue who rides on a white spotted Nightsaber called Fangsworth and looks totally awesome.  She’s a complete DPS (damage per second) machine and I can’t wait for her to reach level 58 so we can quest through the Dark Portal in Outworld together.  I’ll try to get some pictures of Maedea and Fangsworth later this week.

It’s good to be back!

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