Working in an interesting neighborhood

My latest software consultancy contract has me working in SouthEast Portland.  It’s a fairly industrial area and most of what there is to see is fairly functional.  I work close to a railway line, and just outside the parking lot is a rail crossing bridge that looks exactly like a place you might go to get mugged.  I had to get a photograph to post on the blog, so a couple of days ago I took my camera on my lunchtime walk.  I was able to find a few good shots of the area to really show off its…charm uniqueness.  Along my route I was able to see: the rail crossing bridge (which I don’t cross or even go near), some very prominent graffiti, and a house that was being gutted and torn down.  Amidst all of this, sitting in the parking lot, was a brand new Lamborghini.  Off all the places to see a brand new Italian supercar, this was not one that I would have picked.  It just struck me as a really interesting contrast to the otherwise worn-down and distinctly industrial feeling neighborhood.

Personally, if I owned an Italian supercar it wouldn’t be a Lamborghini for one, it would more likely be an F355 Spyder.  However, even if I did own a Lamborghini or any supercar for that matter, I certainly wouldn’t park it in this parking lot.  Cool to look at though!

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