Introducing Lucy!

Ever since Meaghan and I adopted Dougal from the Oregon Humane Society, we’ve felt as though he needed a younger cat to play with.  Ebony and Dougal get on well enough, but the fourteen year age gap often shows and usually culminates in Dougal pouncing on a sleeping Ebony who promptly bats, hisses, and runs away.  Today we finally broke down and got Dougal a younger sister to play with; someone his own age who can run, romp, jump, and play with him until all hours in the morning.  So without further ado let me introduce Lucy, the newest addition to our family:

As we did with Dougal, we have isolated Lucy in the “war room” upstairs.  This is a second bedroom with its own walk-in closet and bathroom that can be isolated from the rest of the house.  Keeping Lucy in here means that she can adjust to the new environment without being overwhelmed by the other kitties.  They can smell each other under the door and hear each other walking around.  As an aside, it’s called the “war room” because it’s a fully decked out gaming room in which Meaghan and I can play World of Warcraft together; complete with fridge, microwave, beer supply, and map of Azeroth.  While Lucy was playing, Dougal came and stuck his paw underneath the door.  He’s desperate to get in and say hello.

I’m sure I’ll be posting more pictures soon, but for now it’s time to get her all set up with a litter box, water supply, some food, and a place to sleep.  I’ll admit that there might be a *small* amount of absolutely having to play with her just for Lucy’s sake too. 🙂

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