Hugging kitties

…and here we were afraid the new kitties might not get along!  Ever since we introduced Lucy into our home, she and Dougal have become the best of friends.  There were a few learning experiences for Dougal who sometimes doesn’t know his own strength.  However, once he realized that he had to bat gently at the teeny weeny kitty instead of coming in with his locked and loaded Thunderpaws(TM), everything has been going great!  I came home from work a few nights ago to find them hugging each other on their favorite ottoman (read: plush kitty throne).  Now they sleep like this all of the time and spend their days chasing each other up and down the stairs and tearing around the house.  Everything worked out exactly as we had hoped; Dougal has a playmate, Ebony can sleep away his golden years in peace, and Lucy is cute, lovely, and wonderful.

Hugging kitties

It’s nice to see them all getting along so great and lots of fun to have a new kitten around.  I’ve never had a kitten before, despite having looked after five different cats now.  I’ve always had older cats because they have less chance of finding a home from the shelters than the kittens, but it really is a lot of fun to have a little squeaker running around.  Lucy is growing fast, a lot faster than I thought she would, and its really nice to see that her older brother Dougal (only by a year or so) is there to show her the ropes and keep her company.

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