See and Be Seen

This past weekend, Stu and I had the wonderful opportunity to attend our friends’, Brian and Ellen, annual “See and Be Seen” shindig.  The premise of the party is to bring or contribute something related to one’s unique talents to “be seen”, and while one is showing off one’s own talents, one can “see” the other contributions made by the other guests.  An excellent way to observe the immense amount of talent hiding in the people we hang out with!

So, after many weeks of turmoil and consideration, I decided that my contribution would be… a cake!  I enjoy baking quite a lot,and I love having the opportunity to share what I have made with people.  This event, however, is a rather large event, one which would require me to make a cake larger than any other I had previously attempted.  So, rolling up my sleeves, I headed to work.

Around 6 hours later (combined), I ended up with a three tier wedding-style cake.  The cake itself was almond poppyseed, and in between the layers was a raspberry filling.  The frosting was a cream cheese frosting with just a hint of almond.  I decorated it rather simply, with green pearling around the bottom of each layer, lavender dots on the sides, and lavender flowers with green leaves on the top.  Even though the cake was done, the trickiest part was still to come: transporting it!  Stu did a marvelous job driving carefully, and the cake ended up at the party looking wonderful.

We had a marvelous time at the party, enjoying all the visual, culinary, musical and lyrical talents of the guests.  Many thanks to Brian and Ellen for hosting such a delightful event!

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