23 Hoyt and a Taste of Scotland

Meaghan and I joined our friends Brian and Ellen for a lovely meal at 23 Hoyt last night.  In keeping with the high quality of recommendations that Brian and Ellen always give, 23 Hoyt lived up to its claim as one of Portland’s most interesting places to eat.  The wine list was superb, if a little on the pricey side, the food was tremendous, and the company was wonderful; as always.  A bottle of wine and four superb entrees later, Ellen had to leave for her belly-dancing class, however not before we were able to order some Chocolate Marquise, which it turns out is a kind of chocolate pate served with a light chocolate sauce and garnished with finely chipped nuts.  I had never eaten Marquise before, and given the definition online, neither had dictionary.com.  However, given the deliciousness of the dessert, I believe the chef was more than due some creative license with the name.  After dinner, we were invited to retire to Chateau Myers to sample some scotch brought back from their trip to Scotland.  Such a difficult offer to refuse!  We enjoyed fine drinks, great conversation, and we were even able to see some of the great photographs taken whilst on their vacation before finally yielding to the need to call it a night.  A most enjoyable evening and one we look forward to continuing in the not too distant future.

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