Quarks and Star Trek: The Experience

After nine hours of pre-conference workshops, Laura and I were both hungry and ready for some much needed time to unwind.  What better place to go than Quark’s Restaurant and Bar?!  For any trekkie this is a super-treat.  The menu is trekkie themed and there are a half-dozen costumed servers who wander around the restaurant engaging the patrons in enthusiastically role-played banter.  Upon our entrance to the restaurant, a tall Klingon girl pushed past us both saying “I don’t have to wait!”  She played the role well and both Laura and I looked at each other and laughed.  This was going to be fun.

We decided to start out with an appetizer of “Holy Rings of Betazed” and after ordering a couple of drinks we started looking over the menu and pointing out various amusing and appetizing entrees.  While we were deciding upon our food, the same Klingon we’d met at the entrance happened to walk by our table.  Based upon a conversation on the topic that Laura and I had since we were seated, Laura was kind enough to stop the alien in her tracks and ask if it would be OK for me to get a picture with her.  I quickly got my camera ready, handed it to Laura, and leapt up to put my arm around our feisty forehead-ridge bearing federation friend and smiled.  The night was off to a great start.

10-14-2007-quarksandstte-stuwithklingongirl 10-14-2007-quarksandstte-quarksbarandrestaurant


After dinner we headed to Star Trek: The Experience.  It was too late to do both the Klingon Encounter and the Borg Invasion 4D, so we decided upon the Borg Invasion, purchased our museum tickets and headed on in.  The museum is always fun to see and has the OMSI quality of offering something new each time you visit.  While only a few hundred yards in length, the cabinets are packed with props and displays from the entire Roddenberry universe.  I love looking at the ship designs and I’m always amazed at the incredible amount of detail that has been put into what are essentially works of fiction.  There is a time line that runs almost the entire length of the museum that chronicles all of the events in the Star Trek universe from somewhere in the near future to way out at the end of the twenty-fifth century.  It’s amazing to see that despite the fact the series has existed for several decades, it has retained an incredible amount of continuity and integrity even across the numerous television series and movies that have been produced.

10-14-2007-quarksandstte-restaurantfront 10-14-2007-quarksandstte-voyagerandenterprise

For anyone who has not yet enjoyed the Borg Invasion 4D, I don’t want to spoil it for you.  Suffice to say that as soon as the Star Trek Next Generation theme started playing over the loud-speakers, Laura was skipping down the hallway toward the line to get in.  Had my blazing ribs not been still settling on my stomach, I may well have skipped with her!  The whole experience was superb and we left with memories of a great night!  Can’t stay out too late though, the conference may sound like a nice couple of days off work, but after nine hours of talks and classes I’m ready for bed.  If you’re in Vegas and in need of food, check out Quark’s Bar and Restaurant and if you see a rather fetching Klingon patrolling the area then be sure to tell her I said hello.

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