Wii Fit says I’m 29

…and they’re right.  I am 29 years old.  I’ve been getting back into playing the Wii Sports package that came with our Wii.  This free title contains five interactive sports games, each of which use the special Wiimote as their main mechanic: Tennis, Baseball, Bowling, Golf, and Boxing.  The Tennis and Bowling games are certainly my favorites, but I’m ever more curious about the golf and have had some fun with baseball too.  The boxing game doesn’t work extraordinarily well, but considering that this is a free game compendium and the quality of the other titles, I really can’t complain.  In addition to the five main sports modes, there is a training mode and a fitness test.  The fitness test can be taken once a day by each of your Miis.  This basically consists of playing three random scenarios from the training mode.  You might be asked to hit as many home runs in ten pitches as you can, return balls across the net in a practice tennis setup, or clear as many spares of increasing difficulty on bowling lanes as possible.  After you complete the three exercises the Wii gives your Mii a score in the form of a Wii Fitness Age, that is based upon your performance in each event.  I tried the fitness test for the first time yesterday and in addition to being quite a bit of fun I was tickled when the Wii informed me that Stuart Thompson is indeed 29 years old.  Cool!


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