Changing Perspective

I came across this short anecdote in a book I was reading this morning (Hero in the Shadows – David Gemmell; part of the Drenai saga that is well worth reading!) and just had to share.  (As context, “The Source” is the name given to the creator or god that exists in the Drenai stories.)

There lived a man in a village that was suffering a great flood.  Two men rode by his house and stopped, offering him to join them and ride away to safety.  The man declined their offer instead stating “I am unafraid, for the Source will save me.”  The flood continued and the water rose.  Some time later as the man was sitting on the rooftop of his house, two men swam by indicating that he should jump into the water and join them so that they might all swim to safety together.  Still the man refused, repeating that the Source would yet save him.  Finally as he clung to the top of his chimney stack, a man in a boat rowed over to him imploring him to join him and reach safety before it was too late.  For a third time the man refused, insisting that the Source would yet spare his life.  As the water continued to rise, the man was swept away in the torrent and drowned.  Upon reaching the afterlife, the man asked of the Source “Why is it that you did not save me? I have always held faith in you and prayed to you.”  The Source replied “I sent riders, two swimmers, and a boat for you.  What more would you have me do?”

The point of this little story was to illustrate to a friend that losing faith in yourself or your beliefs based upon the fact that the force or power you believed in did not act in the exact way you expected is folly.  Sometimes we only have to look from a different perspective to see all that we have.  I smiled as I read the passage this morning and I thought I’d share it here.  Often when asking for blessings or good luck it is prudent to examine whether such requests have already been fulfilled.

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