We’re Engaged!

W00t!  W00t!  Armed with a pretty rock on a circle of metal, I proposed to Meaghan early last week and I’m very thankful to say that she accepted; with tears in her eyes for extra credit!  We’re really excited and have already started lists upon lists of the myriad things to plan for a wedding.  As for dates we’re not entirely certain yet, but the words “late” and “2009” (which is technically three words) have been bantered about sufficiently to share here.  We’re still working on finding a location and drafting a guest list, but needless to say we’ll get invitations out as soon as we’ve worked out all of the details.

I’ll let Meaghan share information about her ring and about her excitement and the preparations she’s busily involved with.  Needless to say that we’re both thrilled to be engaged and looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together.

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