Happy Thanksgiving!

I know I’m a little late posting this one, but I had to share the wonderful dinner that Meaghan cooked for us on Thanksgiving.  Wishing to stray from the traditional fare of turkey, Meaghan decided to go in search of something a little different.  Her original plan was to find some pheasant; a favorite of mine.  However, after searching several local vendors Meaghan discovered that the only way to get pheasant was via mail order.  It would be shipped, frozen, for the rather princely sum of $80.  Errr…thanks, but no thanks.  My lovely fiancée instead decided upon duck, a meat for which we share a great fondness.  In addition to preparing the duck with homemade stuffing, vegetables, and garlic mashed potatoes, Meaghan also baked homemade mince pies!  I looooove mince pies but have struggled to find either premade pies or the necessary ingredients.  Add in a couple of glasses of great wine and you have a Thanksgiving dinner to remember.  This year I am thankful for my new fiancée, my family, my friends, and a proximity to being out of debt.  2007 has been a good year for me (and for Meaghs to I hope 🙂 ) and 2008 is shaping up to be even better.

So to all I wish a (belated) Happy Thanksgiving!

12-05-2007-stucarvingtheduck 12-05-2007-thanksgivingdinner

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