Christmas cards & UFC

Saturday saw Meaghan and I designing and producing our Christmas cards.  Meaghan wrote our holiday letter while I worked on the card design.  We spent most of the day finishing the design and then assembling the cards and going down our list of names.  It took several hours but was certaily worth the time investment.  After applying the final seal and checking off the last of the names on our list, we got ready for our night out.  A friend of mine from work, Michael Cowan, had invited Meaghan and I over to his house for the evening to watch Spike TVs broadcast of the UFC.  In addition to meeting his wife Laura, we also met several other new people and had a great time sharing stories and watching some fights.  Sunday was far quieter (mostly spent laying in bed, playing games, and watching football).  All in all, a productive and fun weekend.

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