Chicken, Greek Fries, and an Alien Invasion

It sounds eclectic but those were in fact the component parts of the lunch I enjoyed today.  A friend we met through the World of Warcraft, Bob Beck, invited me to lunch for a demo of Tabula Rasa; a new title in the ever growing MMORPG genre.  Bob invited me to join him at the Mad Greek Deli once before so this time I knew what to expect; great food, great company, and lots of atmosphere.  I learned something new as well.  Apparently the word “w00t” (yes those are zeros) is soon to be added to the lexicon.  According to Bob, Websters dictionary will soon be included the word as part of the recognized English language due to popular usage!  For those unaware, w00t is a term meaning “hurray” that emerged originally from Everquest and has progressed through most of the MMORPG culture.


It was good to see Bob again and catch up.  We had a lot to share since last time what with Meaghs and I being engaged, our WoW guild Honor Bound disbanding and joining with Relentless, my new job (oh yeah, more on that in a minute), and the fact that it had been a couple of months since we’d last seen each other.  Inevitably our conversation transgressed to gaming and we were busily discussing the ins and outs of our latest virtual endeavors.  After we had eaten Bob gave me a comprehensive demo of Tabula Rasa, an impressive game by the looks of things.  They have taken much of the WoW formula and found ways to improve upon it.  The combat seems to have evolved particularly well and has a much more organic feel to it similar to first-person shooters.  The graphics are pretty stunning too.  Meaghs and I still aren’t sure whether we’ll return to the World of Warcraft just yet.  We both needed a break from the online genre.  It is nice to see some new development in that space though and I’m certainly intrigued to get a demo of Rasa and give it a try.


In addition to the demo, Bob was kind enough to invite Meaghan and I to the New Year’s Eve party that he and his wife are hosting.  W00t!  A merry mad greek Christmas to all!

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