Relentless vs Prince

I just finished compressing my second YouTube video.  This one is of our guild, Relentless, taking down Prince at the end of Karazhan.  This can be a pretty tricky fight even for guilds that know what they are doing.  The basic premise of the fight is that you will be dueling Prince on a circular plateau that you cannot leave.  Periodically throughout the fight a fire elemental will land somewhere randomly in the plateau, making the area around where it landed catch on fire.  This area will then be off-limits to all members for the duration of the fight.  Given that this fight can take around seven or eight minutes and the elementals are falling roughly once a minute at first and then faster towards the end of the fight, the “safe” areas can get scarce fairly quickly.  Furthermore, the fire is deadly enough to kill some less well armored raid members in a matter of seconds.

What this means is that throughout the fight someone needs to call out the predicted landing zone of these elementals and instruct the other raid members where to move in order to avoid dying.  More often than not, that person is me.  What this entails is keeping my camera focused backwards and up at the sky for large portions of the fight watching for where the elementals are going to land.  When I get a good feel for where destruction is about to rain down I call out for the other members to move accordingly and generally direct where each group needs to reposition in order to continue.  Needless to say it’s a lot of fun and a lot of responsibility.  I still get nervous every time we do this fight and decided that it would be kind of fun to make a video of the encounter from this perspective; it’s quite different from how it would look to most raid members.  The quality is about as high as I can get while still being able to upload to YouTube, but I think it’s good enough to give the general idea.  I hope you enjoy “Relentless vs. Prince (A Warlock’s Perspective)”.

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