Duck duck

There is a saying in computer science that if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, you can be reasonably sure it is a duck.  However, that doesn’t mean that you expect to look out of your apartment window on a Saturday afternoon and see two ducks waddling across your front lawn.  Apparently a freak hailstorm is something of a natural attraction to a duck as that was the most noteworthy prior event of the afternoon.  It shows you that we live in a quiet neighborhood when two ducks such as these idly make their way between apartment buildings, unphased by screaming children or fast cars; of which we have neither.  The closest thing to a deterrant is a rather slow and affectionate cat that seems to spend most of its life outside; even he seemed to be of little cause for concern.

03292008_duckduck1 03292008_duckduck2

I don’t quite know why, but the sight of this mallard and his life partner struck me as something I should photograph, so I stopped what I was doing on my computer, grabbed my camera, and took a few shots of the ducks and the area they were walking through.  You can see from a couple of the pictures that there were still some small hailstones falling from the sky at the time.  The ducks were loving it!

03292008_duckduck3 03292008_duckduck4


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