Sick Kitty

We are used to our oldest cat Ebony throwing up from time to time.  He’s old, he doesn’t chew his food properly when he eats, and tends to snarf it down so quickly that it resurfaces shortly thereafter.  Yesterday, however, our two year old Dougal threw up twice (that we know of) which gave immediate cause for concern.  Dougal hasn’t thrown up once in the whole year that he’s lived with us.  Then later last night as Meaghs and I were just sitting around talking he came up, reached out a paw, and then sat down right in front of me not in a “play with me hu-man” kind of way but in a very tender “I just need some love right now” fashion.  I petted him for a while and held him, while at the same time checking him over and seeing if anything was sore.  It didn’t seem as though anything was tender and there were no other immediate signs that caused concern, but it was clear from his behavior that something was definetely wrong.  His eyes looked fatigued and a little sad and he had little of his usual energy and when I served them dinner he ate almost nothing, only licking the juices from the wet meat and drinking a little water.

Meaghan and I decided to see how he did overnight, thinking perhaps it might have been something he had eaten that he wasn’t supposed to.  Dougal does like to chew on anything he can find, so it isn’t implausible.  He spent the whole night sleeping right next to me, insisting on snuggling as close as he can and then threw up again this morning in the bathroom.  My baby boy is not well.  Meaghan kindly made an appointment to take Dougal to the vet this evening to find out what’s going on.  He’s a really strong and healthy cat so I’m fairly sure it’s just a stomach bug or something that he ate, but we want to be sure and make certain that he’s going to be alright.

I’ll post an update when we know more.

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