Yours Truly, Raid Leader

Our Warcraft guild Relentless has been doing pretty well recently.  We have many people who are getting well geared at level 70 (the maximum level a Warcraft character can be) and we’ve been poking our heads into some of the most exciting end-game dungeons as a result.  We’re almost at the point where we can give the 25 man raids a really good shot, meaning that we have 25 people who have the gear, are at maximum level, and can devote a couple of hours to group together on a Sunday afternoon and invade some of the most difficult areas in the game.  There is a lot of work involved in getting ready for such a task and the payoff for finally getting there feels great.  However, we’re still only really on the verge of that achievement.  We still need to run a 10 man dungeon named Karazhan pretty regularly to get the last few pieces of really good equipment for some people.  Blizzard don’t make coming by this gear easy, but if they did then everyone would have it and what would be the point?

As I mentioned though, Karazhan is a 10 man dungeon and we have over 20 people to equip.  That means we have two groups of people wanting to go every week.  For the past couple of months our guild leader Amante has been running both groups each week.  It’s an incredible amount of work and he does a fabulous job of running the show for us, but it can’t go on forever without him burning out.  Kara takes about five hours to run in its entirety and despite the fact that we split each run into two events on separate days, that still means Amante is putting 10 hours straight every week into just the runs alone.  This doesn’t even count the preparation necessary to ensure that everyone is signed up, has the gear they need, herding them together on the day; all of the little tasks that nickel and dime your time away.  He’s been asking for volunteers to lead group two for a while and this weekend I decided I had enough experience to go for it.

What this means is that for two hours on Wednesday evening and then three hours on Sunday afternoon, I will be leading nine of my fellow guildies through the fabled tower of Medivh that is Karazhan.  It’s a great dungeon to do, probably one of the best designed in the game, and is the best starting point for people to get the gear and experience they need for raiding.  I have my notes, maps, guides, and checklists ready by my desk, and despite some nerves am looking forward to being back at the helm.  I was guild leader of our previous guild (Honor Bound) for a while, before life/work stress and then game burnout caused me to take a few months off.  Meaghan and I discussed at length before I took on this role to ensure that I wouldn’t get burned out again, and this time I think I’m ready to go.  There are two other guildies who have expressed interest in leading also and together we’re going to divide the responsibilities and learn as a team.  Furthermore, Relentless is a much more solid guild than Honor Bound was and the support we all get from each other is amazing.  So tonight I’m looking forward to taking my first turn at the helm as we brave the first part of the run.  It will be two hours long and we’re hoping to take down Attumen, Moroes, Maiden, and the Opera event.

If you ever played games like HeroQuest, Dungeons & Dragons, or other fantasy quests into unknown places with your group of brave adventurers, then think of venturing into Kara as undertaking one of the quests in those games.  You take in a diverse party of 10 people, each with their own skills to bring and roles to play.  Each of the character classes is dependent upon the others to fill the gaps that they cannot.  The raid leader simply coordinates the construction of the team, organizes invitations, explains the fights to those who have not been before or are a little rusty, and keeps things moving along.  Tonight, that will be me.  Wish me luck!

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