Happy Earth Day

A good chance to check your recyclying and reuse habits.  Meaghan and I1 decided to make Pot Pourri from the petals of the roses we’ve had in our kitchen for about a week.  For our personal recycling strategy, we have a set of stacking plastic trays that live in the back corner of our laundry room.  Each drawer contains a separate type of recyling, from batteries, to wine corks, cardboard, metal, glass, plastic, and newspaper.  Each week2 I collect the contents of each drawer and drop it into the appropriate recycling bin in our trash area.

Reuse is certainly an area in which we could be more diligent however.  Meaghan refills empty Gatorade bottles for me, using the powdered concentrate instead of buying more bottle packs from the store.  If I remember, I try to catch rinsing water for use on plants or flowers, or to use in cleaning3.

So Happy Earth Day everyone.  Here’s to still having such abundance, comfort, and luxury in forty years time.

1 Well, OK, it was mostly me wanting to do it.
2 I never leave it for three weeks or more; until the drawers are full. 😛
3 Another area that leaves room for improvement.

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