Derek? Linda? 360?

Those were the thoughts running through my head at about 10:05pm last night.  I was lying in bed and reading The Amber Spyglass, my eyelids were getting heavy and just as I was drifting into sleep I heard my phone begin to vibrate.  Snatching the last few seconds before the ring-tone would begin, I quickly dropped my book and grabbed the phone, not wanting it to wake up Meaghan.  I didn’t recognize the number, nor did I even recognize the area code of (360) so I hastily hit the “Ignore” button, routing the call to voicemail.  Figuring that it was probably just a wrong number, I returned my phone to its charger.  However, I was rather surprised when my phone vibrated again indicating that I had a new voicemail.

By now I was beginning to think that perhaps I should have answered the call and risked waking Meaghan as it might well have been something important.  Here’s what I heard when I listened to the message:
“Hi, Derek? … It’s Linda. … I assume this is still the right number. … Well, give me a call.  I hope to hear from you soon.”

Derek?  Who the f*@# in the world is Derek?

Now bear in mind as you read this that my voicemail greeting is the following:
“Hi, you’ve reached the phone of Stuart Thompson.  I’m unable to take your call right now ….[usual spiel]”

These, dear reader, are the people who will be voting soon.  They are the ones charged with absorbing sufficient information about upcoming candidates as to make informed decisions about the future leaders of our country.  Let’s make sure they can tell one name from another before they punch a chad.

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