Cinco de Mayo Breakfast

In honor of the Mexican regional holiday, several of my co-workers hosted a Cinco de Mayo breakfast celebration this morning.  A little under an hour after I’d arrived at work, the smells of bacon, eggs, and sausage began to drift towards my desk.  Fortunately I had finished processing my Inbox and had completed my other regular start of week tasks and could allow myself to be fully distracted by the festivities.  The kitchen was alive with sizzling, laughter, and directions for flipping and piling tortillas.  It was great to stand back and watch the preparations.

As nine o’clock rolled around, more people congregated in the conference room where the breakfast would be hosted.  The change in routine from that of a typical Monday morning had people conversing and sharing anecdotes from their respective weekends all while eagerly awaiting the food that was tantalizing their olfactory systems.  It was great to see everyone come together and celebrate the event as a team.  Thanks to Jason, Joel, Chris, and Alan for organizing and coordinating the breakfast, and to everyone else who helped to make this a great start to the week.

I seized the opportunity to re-use some of the music I had downloaded from iTunes this weekend for the Tres de Mayo party that Meaghan and I had hosted (more on that later).  It was great food and a great way to kick off the day on a festive note.  Now I’ll just have to work doubly as hard in my yoga practice tonight to see if I can burn some of it off.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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