Catching Up

So many things to catch up on, so many things changing.  My big news is that I decided to leave my current job.  Yes, that’s right, I’m moving on!  I need to get back into software architecture and back to doing the things that make me enjoy what I do.

I’ve had a great opportunity to work on some interesting technical problems over the last few months, but ultimately I decided that this just wasn’t the right fit for me.  It was a nice chance to work with a fun team on a product that will only continue to grow.  In the space of just a few months we’ve been able to bring almost the entire software solution up to ASP.NET 2.0 and a lot of .NET 3.5 and I’m confident we’re parting with them on a great track for future success.  It’s never easy to transition from one position to another, but this was the right choice at the right time.

Not only am I a software architect at heart, I’m also a blogger and forum addict.  I have this personal blog, two technical blogs, a couple of hobbiest blogs, and a whole slew of technical forums to which I respond as often as I have time.  I find that more often than not when I blog about a technical subject I learn it much more deeply than before, when I blog about something in my personal life I appreciate and remember it more clearly.  It’s a form of expression that works for me.  There have been several occasions where I have run into a technical block with a problem and in posting the details about that problem have found a solution lurking in the back of my mind.  Putting thoughts into words has a way of structuring those thoughts such that I see what was previously elusive.  Forums work similarly as I find that in posting answers to questions for people, a certain care has to be taken to ensure that the answer is clear and applicable, which again serves to solidify and firm up my own understanding of the technical concepts at work.  In short, blogging and responding in forums is part of my personal and professional development; it helps make me smarter.

I read about 60-75 rss reads pretty consistently as there is more to blogging than narcissism.  There are many great people out there who make me smarter every day.  However, all of this information digestion takes time.  I’ve come from a long line of technical companies who were heavily behind the online revolution of the blogosphere, actively encouraging participation and involvement.  When I worked at both Intel and Corillian, I had great opportunities to interact with several people who first introduced me to blogging.  To a few of them this was not just a hobby but a pivotal part of what they do.  The value was immediate.  Every technical post I make acts not only as a reference for myself and others later, but as I’ve stated makes me think about a topic in sufficient detail as two write about it; hopefully (and often) causing me to understand it more fully.  While I was at SoftSource Consulting, I had the opportunity to pioneer our company blogs.

I have a lot of catching up to do and I’m keen to get started.

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