Snippet Compiler

If you haven’t used Snippet Compiler before, I highly recommend you take the 60 seconds necessary to download and evaluate it.  If you’re anything like me it will instantly become an indispensable part of your development toolbox.  I’ve been using Snippet Compiler for over three years now and can’t imagine development life without it.

You can download Snippet Compiler here.

For those skeptics out there who would prefer to know what they are downloading first, just imagine a tool where you could type out snippets of C# to test a certain idea and have it compile into a simple wrapper app that executes your snippet.  Every time you’ve created a throw away web application or web form to test out a certain idea you’ve experienced a need for Snippet Compiler.  It does the framework piece for you so that you can do that test with try catch finally you’ve always wanted the answer to. 🙂

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