Diet Barqs – BlogJet’s First Assignment

The purpose of this post is primarily to test out a tool called BlogJet that I’m evaluating.  I’ve had BlogJet recommended to me on multiple occasions in the past but it didn’t quite seem to serve my needs at the time.  However, it has been a while and I am getting tired of blogging manually using the default SubText interface so I decided to evaluate it for a second time.

The purpose of BlogJet is to allow you to make posts to your blog quickly and easily without having to navigate the sometimes default interface that ships with many blog engines.  Performing tasks such as uploading images often involves the manual creation of a thumbnail followed by a quick tour of an ftp client.  BlogJet includes that feature (probably my #1 need these days) and also wraps up the authentication and posting configuration options really nicely.  Things have come a long way.

I sat here thinking about how to test it out and found a can of Diet Barqs root beer sitting on my desk.  I’ve been drinking a lot of root beer over the last eighteen months since I decided to completely give up caffeine.  Diet Barqs has become quite the staple and as such is now the sub-topic of this post.  Plus I really needed to test uploading a picture with a thumbnail.  So here is a can of Diet Barqs:


Note: I didn’t actually take this picture, I googled for it.  I was going to take a picture of the can sitting on my desk but don’t have any software installed to upload pictures from my camera to this PC.  That will have to be a task for another day.

Here’s hoping this works because so far this tool looks really cool!

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