Two Great Nights Out

Meaghs and I are loving the warm summer weather.  We’re taking a break from the World of Warcraft and are really enjoying the chance to do more of our own thing.  Last night we went on a date to our local McMenamins for dinner.  We followed it up by watching 10,000 BC, which was actually not a bad movie.  It was really nice to do a “dinner and a movie” date and enjoy each other’s company without worrying about our responsibilities online and all while enjoying the fabulous weather we’ve had lately.


Then tonight we met up with our friends Matt, Holly, and their little 4–year old Ben.  Holly and Ben had joined Meaghan for an afternoon at the pool at our apartment and were just finishing up when I got home from work.  Holly called Matt and we were able to hook up as a fivesome for dinner at Bugattis.  We’re planning a board games evening in the coming weeks as well as a trip to the Portland Beerfest.  Sweet!  The summer is shaping up nicely.

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