Bullwinkles & Minigolf

The weather has been gorgeous again today.  Its 93° outside and there isn’t a cloud in the sky.  Meaghan and I decided to head down to Bullwinkles for a game of minigolf.  The sun was blistering hot and we were lathered up in sun lotion on every available patch of exposed skin, but we had a ton of fun thwarting the various obstacles on the course.

07122008_minigolf_meaghs2 07122008_minigolf_stu

Meaghan is quite the minigolf hustler though, I have to warn you.  Although she claims to have not played in years, she managed to put down a round of 49, which is a pretty awesome score!  I finished with a 54 just 5 behind.  We came close to a couple of “hole in one” moments, both times stopping just a couple of inches from the cup.

07122008_minigolf_stu31 07122008_minigolf_meaghs

After the minigolf we took a walk around the rest of the Bullwinkles area, stopping for a short run through the sprinklers to cool off.  However, after two hours it was time to get inside and out of the sun.  We’re both very fair-skinned people and have to be careful not to burn.  We headed over to Fry’s for a little to cool off and enjoy some a/c.

07122008_minigolf_meaghs3 07122008_minigolf_stu2

We’re thinking of taking an evening walk when it cool down a little, perhaps walking to our local pub for a nice refreshing drink or two!  I’m loving the summer.  It’s so nice to see the sun after all those months of rain and I’m determined to enjoy every minute of it.

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