A night at the pub

Meaghs and I ate dinner at home and then headed down to our local for a couple of beers.

07142008_nightatthepub4 07142008_nightatthepub

A chocolate brownie almost defeated us but in the end we proved to be too much for it!

07142008_nightatthepub2 07142008_nightatthepub3 07142008_nightatthepub5

The pictures were taken with my phone (no, not an iPhone, rather a 3 year old TMobile MDA), which is why they are a little fuzzy.  The lack of focus in the images had absolutely nothing to do with the beers that were consumed.  If you’re ever in town and find yourself at our local, make sure to try a pint of Hop On!  It’s a fantastic beer and a testament to the quality of Oregon brewing.

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