Beers at the New Old Lompoc

I’m a bit late in blogging this one, but after a rough ending to last week and then a busy weekend, I’m just now catching up with the queue.  I’m finding that Facebook is taking up much more of my time these days as well.  It’s hard to choose the social media that gets any particular time slice I may have available for that sort of thing.

Last Thursday evening, our ex-SoftSource (+friends) group met for beers at the New Old Lompoc.  It had been almost two months since the previous meeting and we were long overdue catching up.  It’s really great to keep in touch with everyone like this, and even though I now work for SoftSource again, with us all out in the field it’s also one of the few chances I get to catch up with my co-workers!


Let’s not leave it this long until the next time.  On that note, if anyone is planning to go to the Oregon Beer Festival this weekend, then jet me an email and we’ll see if we can either align our plans or hook up for a drink down there.

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