Happy Birthday @mstave!

On Saturday we celebrated Matt’s 21st (he assured me) birthday at the Cornelius Pass Roadhouse.  We met several new friends there as well as catching up with people we hadn’t seen since just the other night.  The sun was out, but fortunately it was late enough in the day to be very pleasant and it didn’t take long before both conversation and beer were flowing readily.  While Meaghan had met Matt and Holly’s friend Dan and Amy before, this was my first chance to be introduced to them.  We had a great time and hit it off, I’m hoping that we get the chance to do more things with them in the future.  We met another couple, Ben and Jill, who just happened to be celebrating at the same McMenamins that night.  Their youngest goes to school with Ben, Matt and Holly’s son, and they joined our party shortly after we arrived.  I detected an accent when we were first sitting there but it took a little while before we got the chance to talk with each other; there were several children there after all!  Jill took the opportunity to introduce herself and after we initially spoke and mutually recognized each other’s rather distinct Yorkshire accents, got to the topic of where we were from.  It turns out that Jill was born in the same hospital as me, only one year earlier.  Here I am sitting half-way around the world enjoying evening drinks with someone born in Doncaster; amazing!

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Soon enough food was served, the beer continued to flow, and conversation followed suit.  In addition to the two new couples we met, Brian was also in attendance (and taking pictures) as well as Holly’s parents who were in town visiting.  The birthday boy appeared to be surrounded by friends, food, and drink; all in all a successful equation!  Dan turns out to be quite the magician and we were able to coax him into an impromptu performance.  We were treated to several tricks involving rubber bands that defy the laws of elasticity and tension, to magically teleported dollar bills, as well as several others that we thank Dan for sharing with us.  In the right-hand picture below, you can see the rubber band that Meaghan ended up with following one particular trick.

07_2d19_2d2008_2dmattsbirthday_2dorganizingfood 07_2d19_2d2008_2dmattsbirthday_2dmeaghs

The only challenge that Meaghan and I now face is how to convince Matt that our wedding really is an awesome venue to be back to back with his 22nd birthday.  With them falling on the same weekend we will have to make the case that celebrating his next birthday at McMenamins Edgefield really is the way to go.  Meaghs and I had a great time and really enjoyed a fun Saturday night.  It was awesome to meet new people, make some new friends, and we hope to see everyone again soon!


Happy birthday Matt, we hope you enjoyed your coming of age.  Hey, now you can actuall drink with us when we go out!

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