54lbs and 17% to go

Over the last couple of years I have been rather unkind to my waistline.  I’d like to say I’ve spent a lot of time getting back to a stable base in my personal and work life, which for the most part is very true, however underneath it I’ve also been health-lazy.  I’ve been watching my weight very carefully the whole time.  Not a day or two has gone by that I haven’t watched it increase.  However, in March I decided it was time to stop watching and time to actually start doing.

I’m now 54 lbs and 17% body fat away from my goal, which still feels like an enormous distance to go, but given how far I’ve already come that isn’t too bad.  Yeah, I’d gained quite a lot and really let it get way too out of hand.


Anyhoo, that’s what was on my mind during my walk at lunch and as I think about what I should and shouldn’t be eating.  So far so good on the loss, just have to keep it up and remember the long-term goal.  I’ve been in pretty good shape for most of my life so I’m confident that this blip won’t take too long to correct.  I’ll keep tracking my progress and hopefully have some more good news to report soon.

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