Dynasty Warriors 6

Since I’ve been taking a big break from Warcraft lately, I’ve been getting heavily back into playing XBox 360.  My latest big push is on Dynasty Warriors 6, the sixth edition of the chronicles of The Three Kingdoms and the struggles to build a dynasty in ancient China.  Yes it’s basically button mashing for your hero to K.O. hundreds of opponents and win the entire war as a one-man army, but there is something incredibly addictive about hitting X, X, X, Y over and over again, especially when paired with the fact that you can hit B once your Musou meter is full to dish out incredible damage.

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I digress and should get to the point.  The problem is that there really isn’t a point.  I was just blogging about the latest game I’m playing.  So there!

As I hinted at earlier, in DW6 you follow the story of several families wrapped up in a story drawing from the lore of The Three Kingdoms. You play as one of the heroes from those families, following the footsteps of the battles they must win in order to restore peace to the land; and of course become emperor in the process.  There are four or five heroes per family and while each families story plays out roughly the same irrespective of which hero you choose, their fighting styles and roles are different enough to make playing through as each hero individually quite compelling.  I’m currently working on completing the story mode for each of the Wei family heroes.  I’ve already finished nearly all of Wu, but wanted to take a break and switch to a different family for a little while before finishing up the final few chapters.

As you progress you get better weaponry, horses, and special items that increase your effectiveness on the battlefield.  I’m trying to get as many of the families completed in DW6 before the impending release of Soul Calibur IV, which will consume altogether far too much of my time over the coming weeks.

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