Lunchtime walk

I usually only take about fifteen minutes for lunch, and during that time I’ve been trying to fit in a walk to help with my weight-loss goals.  I’m slowly expanding the route day by day to include an extra block or two without compromising the fifteen minute break length.  Ostensibly this should mean that I do the route a little faster each day, and hopefully that I end up burning a few more calories.  I’ve heard that twenty minutes of brisk exercise at lunch can be a very powerful compliment to any workout routine and this seemed to align with my work schedule very well.

I thought it would be fun to track how my route grows as the days go by, so I put together this this google map to record the route as it stands today.  Hopefully I’ll remember to update this again in about a month so I can see the difference.


I can certainly feel that the walks help to clear my mind and aid my productivity in the afternoons if nothing else.  Hopefully they’ll have a similar benefit for my waistline.  Let’s track it and find out.

Stuart Thompson

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