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New Wedding Blog

Meaghs has set up a blog for our upcoming wedding to track our preparations and the various adventures in planning that lay in wait.  Check back for details and updates:

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England here we come – almost…

As the date for our departure approaches, Meaghan and I are going through our final checklists for preparedness.  Our passports have been renewed and checked, our luggage has been retrieved from storage, and the flight information has been checked and … Continue reading

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Religious opposition to vaccination? Come on now!

Heavily agree with @tangyerik on this one.  If you don’t vaccinate your kids, you shouldn’t be allowed to send them to public schools. Mumps can cause meningitis (about 1 in 10 cases) and deafness.  This isn’t the same as … Continue reading

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Trolls and crappy feedback

One of the things I do for fun occasionally is to record footage from the games I play; most recently World of Warcraft.  It’s a bit of fun and something I can keep as a momento for later of some … Continue reading

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$5M for streetcar extension plans?

I wouldn’t usually get involved in local politics, but this story caused me to raise an eyebrow: We’re spending $5M on the plans for a streetcar extension that may or may not get funded?  Granted that I really have … Continue reading

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More reasons why Health Insurance is broken…

Everyone has heard about the problems with health insurance. We all struggle and fight with insurance and what I’m about to share is by no means an isolated, new, or tangibly different case than any of the vast number of … Continue reading

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The System is Down

You’ve all probably noticed by now that the old blog has been down for about a week.  Yes, unfortunately I must announce that the old blog has officially.  The upgrade to SubText 2.0 did not succeed, and neither did the … Continue reading

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Reflector to go to RedGate

Lutz Roeder has decided to move on from Reflector.  RedGate will be taking over the project from now on.  Fortunately, they have agreed to maintain the community edition of the software.

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Learn something new

It is often said that we “learn something new every day”.  However, this morning I decided that I needed to spend more time learning broadly instead of simply circulating in the rut that has become my comfortable mental exercise hall.  I read … Continue reading

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NDepend Part II – Beginning CQL

In my continuing use of NDepend on both my work and home projects, I have been investigating CQL more and more, especially from the perspective of use in continuous integration.  NDepend provides some incredibly powerful analysis features and I find the … Continue reading

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